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The Prop Shop Dubai

We are proud to have the largest inventory of themed props and specialty rentals in the UAE. Our clients are welcome to develop their own scenes using our props and rentals. Themed event prop categories include Alice in the Wonderland, Arabian Nights, Best of British, Circus, Christmas, Halloween, Hollywood, Jurassic World, Nautical, Pirates, Safari, Unicorn World and Winter Wonderland. All our Props are ready to rent, saving you on design, production time & cost.

Contact name: Ms Jacqui Allan
Personal phone: +0544102060
Designation: Creative Director
Mobile: +971 54 4102060
Address: P.O. Box 476383, Dubai Investment Park 2, building 4, warehouse 2, Dubai -, United Arab Emirates

Countries Serviced: UAE


We have the largest inventory of amazing event props in the UAE, individually hand cast and painstakingly finished by highly skilled craftsmen.

Themed event prop categories include Animals, Arabian Nights, Christmas, Dinosaurs, Fantasy, Festive decor, Garden, Halloween, Marine, Pirates and Bespoke furniture.

All our Props are ready to rent, saving you on design, production time & cost. Why not go for one of our themed packages? We cover the whole of the UAE.

Sitting Christmas Bear

Meet Peter The Polar Bear, the most loved Polar Bear In Dubai, Check Him out at
Items are ready for hire, please book to insure items are reserved for your event date. We do sell props if we have additional stock or we have long lead times.


The Propshop Dubai, Building 7, Warehouse 6, DIP 1, Dubai United Arab Emirates