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  • Prisme International

    Prisme InternationalContact Name: Mr Safwan El Roufai
    Position: COO
    P.O. Box 37504, Dubai Studio City, Dubai, UAE
    Phone 971 4 4253553
    Fax 971 4 4253561
    Company/services description: Prisme International is a multi-disciplinary creative events agency that transforms ideas into engaging experiences. Our pool of experts re-engineer the way events communicate and engage stakeholders beyond conventional platforms. This approach has led to the creation of some of the world’s most iconic & resonating events such as the inauguration of the world’s tallest tower – Burj Khalifa, the Dubai World Cup, UAE Robotics for Good, and UAE Drones for Good, the re-launch of Mercedes SUV range and the launch of the Dubai Tram.
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    Countries serviced: UAE / Qatar / Bahrain / Oman / Saudi Arabia / Kuwait

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  • PearlQuest Interactive

    P.O. Box 334036, Dubai, UAE
    Phone 971 4 4257365

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  • pixelbug

    P.O. Box 334155, Dubai, UAE
    Phone 971 4 3680871

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  • Prolaser Ltd.

    Budapest, Hungary
    Phone 36 30 9442077

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