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  • Matrix Laser

    Matrix LaserContact Name: Mr Michael Hilgemann
    Position: Managing Director
    P.O. Box 114248, Abu Dhabi, UAE
    Phone 971 2 6580029
    Fax 971 2 5567842
    Mobile 971 50 7207335
    Company/services description: Matrix Laser is a German company with a branch in Abu Dhabi. We specialise in producing innovative show concepts, custom made laser shows, special effects, waterscreens and stages for a broad spectrum of productions and corporate events, while following strict German safety regulations. Our systems are available for rental and sale.
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    Countries serviced: UAE / Qatar / Bahrain / Oman / Saudi Arabia / Kuwait

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  • Multilink Events & Management

    P.O. Box 81539, Dubai, UAE
    Phone 971 4 2626386

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